Rakuten: How to Make Money Shopping Online

Confession: I am an online shopping junkie. I buy everything from diapers to groceries online and I now can’t stand going to the actual store. I discovered Ebates (now called Rakuten) 3 years ago, and I am amazed that I have earned $452 to date just making purchases I was going to make anyways!


So how does it work? You sign up through using your email. Every time you are making a purchase online, check to see if they are listed on Rakuten, and then just click the “Shop Now” link that will direct you to the website. That’s it! It may take a day or so to show up, but you rebate will appear on your account under “see you cash back activity.” You will get this cash back every four months when they send you a check. So simple!

My advice to make the most out of this site is to look for 2 or 3 times the cash back where you can earn up to 12% back on your purchases. They usually have a bunch of stores with these incentives and your favourite stores tend to be listed pretty often so it’s worth it to keep your eye on this. Last year, the  Black Friday promotion had most stores with extra money back, so if you plan on doing all your Christmas shopping online like me, make your purchases through Rakuten and save/earn some money while your at it!

  • If you want to make easy money, by just shopping through this site, click here and you can earn a $5 just for signing up.


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