What I’ve Learned My First 3 Months of Blogging

When I started my blog, I did not know anything and I mean ANYTHING about what it takes to create and run a blog. I was starting with no knowledge of the technical aspects or the promotional aspects of running a successful blog. At the beginning of this process, I had a blog name and an idea of what I would write about, but nothing else.

So I am officially 3 months into running my blog – writing content has been fairly straightforward, but everything else? Not so much.

How have I made out with the huge learning curve involved with blogging? Here is my reflection on what I have learned in my first 3 months of blogging (and what I hope to achieve moving forward!).

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Creating a Blog is No Picnic

Starting a website from scratch is something I never thought I would be doing, but 3 months ago I dove head first into creating this blog! I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t half the time!), but I read a fellow mom blogger explain step by step on how to create a blog and she made it seem easy!

So I decided it was acceptable spending $100 on something that may just end up being my passion project and I created my website. The blank slate using Namecheap (domain) and Siteground (hosting) was pretty simple to set up (check out how I set up my WordPress blog for under $100 in my recent post here). Everything else was a challenge.

Figuring out what plugins were and which ones were useful and how to make my site look the way I wanted were and are still something I am working to learn more about. Which leads me to my next point:

Finding the Perfect Theme is Near Impossible!

For the first month I focused on creating content for my blog, and once I had enough, I decided to start searching for a theme to match my needs. Well… let me say that I went through about 10 themes before landing on my current theme Opus Blog.

All of the themes that didn’t work out were because I wasn’t able to change something I wanted to. Whether it was my logo in a certain spot or links looking a certain way, I wasn’t happy with how my blog looked. Throughout this search, I discovered how I wanted my blog to look, and I wasn’t going to compromise on something that I really didn’t like.

After I finally decided on a theme, I discovered the Elementor plugin which is a great tool for customizing your posts. I have read that some even create their site with Elementor alone, but I have just used it to prettify my posts!

It Takes Way More Time Than I Thought

If you have read my first post, I said that I was setting aside an hour a week to write. Well, I have to admit that I was naïve in this statement. While it may take an hour to write the post, there is way more involved in one post!

For instance, formatting and proofreading the post takes about an hour. And then creating pins for Pinterests and spending time on Pinterest takes realistically a couple hours a week.

So my 1 hour suddenly turned into 4 hours?! Well, I’m okay with that as I have really grown fond of writing my posts and learning through my topics and researching! I feel that personal growth is so important (hello self care!) and this blog has been my channel for achievement.

Promoting My Blog

To be honest, I still have not mastered this learning point- not even close! I’m a introvert by nature and to put myself and my blog out there to the world seems bizarre to me. I am trying to get past this discomfort because I knew that this blog was going to push my personal boundaries.

Pinterest is the one avenue I have explored for promoting my blog, and it has been successful thus far. One may not think that only having 47 followers (14k monthly viewers) is an achievement, but I really do. I am okay with a slow start to my blog, and I am not concerned at this point about getting as many viewers as possible.

My next step is to create a Facebook page and to network with fellow bloggers. Again, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone with putting myself out there and I am optimistic that I will learn from others once I put myself out there!

It’s Not All About The Money

Most blog specific posts on Pinterest are about how to make money from your blog (and doing it fast!). There are so many pins about how bloggers have made money in their first months of blogging and you can too!

Personally, I don’t think that this concept of making money quickly is realistic. I am sure that some bloggers can and have achieved fast monetary success, but most probably don’t.

I didn’t go into blogging with goals to achieve x amount of money by a certain time. Yes, I have posts that have affiliate links (including this one!). And yes, I am trying to make my blog my “side hustle.” Nevertheless, I do not want to be merely focused on the moneymaking ┬ácomponent. I’d like for my viewers to enjoy what they read, and not be bombarded by my ads, so to achieve this I will focus on creating a balance of this all!

Are you new to blogging as well? I’d love to hear your experience and what you have learned!

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