Is Swagbucks Worth It?

I registered for Swagbucks a couple months ago when I started to research earning a passive income. Swagbucks is a website that offers gift cards in return for completing surveys, buying online, watching videos, even surfing the internet!

I was motivated at first to see what this site is all about, but also skeptical if it actually paid off. I discovered that the surveys were the easiest way to earn and with all the introduction bonuses and a couple surveys, on the first day I was able to get a $5 Amazon gift card. You earn what is called “Swagbucks” or “SBs” and 100 SB is equivalent to $1.

Here are some examples of surveys and overall design of the website:

Over the next couple weeks I lost momentum, but did a couple more surveys and was able to receive another $5 Amazon gift card. To date, I have earned $20, and I have spent very little time on this app. So if I invested more time in these surveys, I would imagine it would pay off. There are other options to receive actual money back through Paypal (minimum redemption of $25) , or receive other gift cards such as Starbucks or Target. Every time I claimed my points so far the Amazon gift cards were the cheapest, so that was an obvious decision for me!

Gift cards you can redeem (Amazon is still on sale!)

So Is Swagbucks Worth Your Time?

The catch is that using Swagbucks is not easy money. If you are looking at the amount of time it takes to make $5 on surveys, you’re maybe getting $10 an hour, even less if you watch the videos. These videos are usually non-talking with topics of entertainment/health/fashion/food, news, etc. and usually offer 1 SB per group of videos. I have read other reviewers just start the videos and let them play, but when I tried that it would stop after a few videos. If your browsing videos anyways, it may be worth it, but I did not find this feature added to the rewards points enough to make it worth it for myself.

There is also the option to use online shopping to earn SBs. I have yet to do so, since Rakuten (formerly Ebates) tends to offer a better return IMO (review of Rakuten available here). From what I understand, it works very similarly to Rakuten and you even have the option to add a browser so regardless if you remember to register your shopping, the browser does it for you. You can also purchase a number of different gift cards through Swagbucks and make a few SBs this way (and then spend the gift card through Swagbucks to earn a few more!).

Just last week, I was given the option to add “tasks” to my Swagbucks account, but I cannot comment on this aspect yet, as they have not given me any options for these tasks. From what I read they are “micro-jobs” such as transcription, and as soon as I find out more I will update this post.

Final Thoughts

All this being said, if you’re just on your phone randomly wasting time (like we all do), might as well make a little extra doing it. I figure if I make $5 here and there doing a few surveys it is definitely worth it – Click here if you want to start earning gift cards in your spare time!

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