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5 WordPress Plugins Essential for New Bloggers

What Plugins should new bloggers install? If you were like me, you wouldn’t even know what I plugin is before starting up your blog – I must say I was definitely green to the technical language involved in blogging!

So, understandably I have experienced quite the learning curve. Some I knew from other blogger to install right away… others I installed with gaining a little insight in to what my blog requires.

This list is not an exhaustive list of everything you may need, but it’s a great place to start!

If you are just setting up your blog, check out my post How to Set Up a WordPress Blog (for under $100).

Yoast SEO

As a newbie to the blogging world, I had no idea what SEO was or why it was important. I kept on reading that bloggers explain how they believe that Yoast is a necessary plugin, and now that I have used it for the last couple months, I understand why.

I still don’t have a full grasp on SEOs, but I dowloaded Yoast last month and find it very user-friendly. Yoast makes me feel confident that at least I am not preventing a decent SEO score to my posts!

They have a SEO analysis and readability with an easy to use and navigate visual system:

Yoast WordPress Plugin
This screenshot shows what is good and what’s problematic of this current blog post

Rel Nofollow

Intend to have affiliate links on your blog? The Rel Nofollow plugin prevents search engines from detecting these links – important if you have paid links and don’t want to be penalized!

After installing the no-follow plug-in, all links will automatically be no-follow unless you change your settings.


Highly rated, the Sucuri plugin protects your website from all things bad!

I installed Sucuri after I realized my site was not fully secure (missed a step to set up my SSL). I was on my WordPress Admin and on the security warning it showed that there may have been attempts to hack my site.

Now Sucuri will notify me if someone else tries to hack my site. It also gives guidance of a post-attack to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Monster Insight

The Monster Insight plugin prides itself as being the “best Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress.” I don’t have much to compare it to, but I do find it an incredibly useful tool!

Google Analytics is an essential tool for bloggers to track their traffic and trends, and Monster Insight sums it up into a pretty little package. I don’t pay for the premium, as traffic is not a focus right now, but the premium plan will be worth it once traffic increases.

Monster Insight WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Social Media Icons

Some themes include share buttons for social media, but some unfortunately don’t. Even if the theme has the social icons, Ultimate Social Media Icons creates customizable options, which is a must to create a unique website!

I have found at this point in my blog, the free version is perfect for my needs, but if you are a social media pro, I would invest in the premium version.

Ultimate Social Media Icons WordPress Plugin
The free version includes all the major social media platforms.

A Few Other Plugins to Consider:

SG Optimizer: An optimization pluging included upon establishing your WordPress site on Siteground. The plugin “handles caching, system settings, and all the necessary configurations for a blazing-fast website”.

WP Forms Lite: Assisted in creating forms (such an a contact form) with a simple drag and drop method.

Comment below with your favourite WordPress plugins!

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